Drifting through the snow with silent power

MoonBikes combine the playful feeling of a motorcycle with the power of a snowmobile – and they’re fully electric. With a ski in the front and a powered chain in the back, they enable fast-paced rides in fresh snow or on groomed slopes. …

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Thanks to the highly efficient e-drive motors, you’ll easily master any snow challenge. The MoonBikes offer a unique riding experience. At only 82 kg, they are 3 times lighter than conventional snowmobiles, making handling a breeze.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you glide through the white winter landscape at speeds up to 45 km/h. Whether you’re a snowbike pro or taking your first ride, thanks to their size, ultra-lightweight construction, and low center of gravity, a MoonBike is an unforgettable pleasure for everyone.

Innovative & Powerful

Highly efficient electric drive system.

Zero emission vehicle

100% electric, 100% silent, no carbon footprint.

Ultralight & Compact

A MoonBike is three times lighter than a snowmobile.

Easy to ride

From 14 years old and a height of 140 cm.